This discussion is intended to assist business owners in making a web functionality decision. Professional developers and marketers are invited to chime-in; particularly if you can offer relevant raw data.

If you want a website, you need three things: (1) Domain-name; (2) Hosting account; (3) Content. A Hosting account is simply space on a server that holds the files needed for thewebsite. The space is identified numerically on the server with an IP address, but this isn’t searchable. So a hosting account containing site files and no corresponding domain-name is like having a house without a street address – You aren’t findable without it. So think of your domain-name as your street address.

A good domain-name is concise, clean, easy to remember, and easily recognizable when spoken. Premium names can run several thousand dollars. If you have the budget and can spring for a premium name, more power to ya. Otherwise they are very reasonable — around $9 per year. The .COM is the most desirable extension, but if it’s not available the .NET, .ORG, or .CO aren’t bad when marketed properly. When you can get the .COM and you want to protect the name consider purchasing the .NET and .ORG (usually offered at a discount).

There are two schools of thought regarding whether a name should contain or doesn’t necessarily require industry-relevant terminology. Godaddy, Kleenex, and Pampers are good examples of the former. With the right clients, investors, relationships, and marketing and advertising campaigns or budget, a company can make its name industry-relevant. Consult with us today and let us help you.

A domain-name can be pointed to a different server or hosting company other than where it resides (where it was purchased), simply by changing its IP address. Or it can be transferred from one hosting server to another. So if you purchased a domain-name from, but you want to establish hosting with, the Godaddy domain-name can be used with the Xinghost hosting account either by pointing or transferring. Pointing costs nothing — Transferring costs $8.00, and you get a year of use for this fee. The advantage to transferring is that you will be billed by ONE company (like bundling), server problems are less likely, and in the event there is some issue, the troubleshooting is centralized.

When you purchase a domain-name, it’s important that you use accurate administrative information (particularly your email address), because it is being registered in a WHOIS database. Be advised: There is a 60-day lock for WHOIS changes (ICANN policy). So if you try to transfer a domain-name within 60 days of making an administrative change, it will work, but there will be a delay, and your website will not function during this delay. So again — If your email address has become different from the one you inserted while registering a domain-name, you will need to change the email-address associated with that domain-name before you try to transfer it. But you’ll need to let 60 days lapse from the time you change the email address and when you initiate the transfer. Consult with us today and let us help you.


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