This discussion is intended to assist business owners in making a web functionality decision. Professional developers and marketers are invited to chime-in; particularly if you can offer relevant raw data.

If you want a website, you need three things: (1) Domain-name; (2) Hosting account; (3) Content. A Hosting account is simply space on a server that holds the files needed for the website.

Call-up the top hosting companies and compare the hosting plans. We want shared, not dedicated servers. You’ll see plans in three tiers — GOOD ($7.16 mo), BETTER ($9.50 mo), and BEST ($13.50 mo). They will entice you with a discount for purchasing more time which is good — Take advantage of it. For most companies, GOOD will suffice. You’ll get more than enough space and bandwidth. However, GOOD will only accommodate ONE domain-name; where-as BETTER will accommodate multiple domain-names — This is the primary difference between the two. So if you want to run two or more domain-names with associated working websites, you will need the BETTER hosting plan. This is obviously more cost-effective than employing a single GOOD hosting plan for each working domain-name. If you’re streaming video or audio to thousands of users daily, you might require more space, bandwidth, and probably a dedicated server with considerations for maximum file size and execution time.

Most or all hosting companies are including website-building products like WordPress and proprietary site-builders. If you plan on using a site-builder, check-out some sample sites or promotional videos. Make sure they are responsive. Free site-builders have improved over the past decade. They used to comprise thick advertisement banners in the header (top), but thankfully this has been streamlined or omitted completely. Site-builders are a cost-effective method if you have the time, graphics software, and can articulate the copy. However, you’ll find that it is much more cost-effective to let us handle this.

Caution regarding companies offering free websites: In most cases you’re leasing your domain-name. This means you don’t own it; they do. And they will charge you an excessive fee for moving it. See our blog on DOMAIN-NAMES.

Some, most, or all hosting companies used to include email with the hosting accounts, but some big ones have stopped offering this, and you’ll have pay a separate fee for email — around $3.50 per month. This is important to understand if you want to establish an email address with your domain-name in it.

When you purchase a hosting plan, you may be offered a FREE domain-name, which is great. Take advantage of it. See our blog on DOMAIN-NAMES. Or consult with us today and let us help you.


Providing enterprise scale website development to include WordPress content management systems, commercial images, copy, blogs, social media, and SEO.

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