This discussion is intended to assist business owners in making a web functionality decision. Professional developers and marketers are invited to chime-in; particularly if you can offer relevant raw data.

Responsiveness, or what might be more accurately described as ‘cross-device compatibility,’ is your website’s ability to compress itself to smartphone size, or to switch itself to a mobile version when a smartphone is accessing the site. Is it necessary for your website to be responsive? And if so which is the better method, the compression or the switch to mobile version?

Developers of Content Management Systems like WordPress are building compression method responsiveness into their product. So there’s no need to construct an alternate mobile version of the site. We understand that Javascript causes conflicts or compatability issues with browsers and mobile devices. So we recommend the built-in compression method.

When a site is responsive (viewable on a smart-phone) menus are condensed, images are reduced, text is wrapped, content is viewed via horizontal scrolling, and some widgets employ vertical scrolling by design for certain elements. The trained eye of a developer or a designer will catch telltale inconsistencies; but to the layman most platforms are working fine, and we just appreciate being able to access the content and comfortably browse the site. Without responsiveness one must enlarge the site with your two fingers and pan around to view it, hyperlinks are cumbersome or impossible to access, and contact forms don’t work.

Smart-phones and tablets have been on-the-rise as a consumer product-of-choice for well over a decade. If your company’s website is still not responsive, the perception is that you don’t care, and there is definitly a problem. In our opion the diffenence is NIGHT and DAY.Responsiveness is absolutly essential. It’s as important as having a website itself. When you’re ready to get with the program Consult with us and let us help you.


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